Our Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s a guiding ethos of Sebastian Boxer Shorts that what we do should matter in the world over and above simply providing you the best boxer shorts ever made. It is in this spirit that we at Sebastian Boxer Shorts donate 20% of net profit to protecting our natural world in ways that we feel will be most effective. Our current charity of choice is the: IAPF or International Anti-Poaching Foundation. This organisation has a proven track record in accomplishing real change and ranks in the very top eschelon of non profits in terms of transparency. So you can wear your Sebastian Boxer Shorts proudly in the knowledge that your purchase helped to directly benefit some of the most vulnerable creatures on the planet. For more information on the IAPF or how you can donate directly to this noble cause please see the attached link:

Sebastian Boxer Shorts especially loves this organisation as they offer you the global citizen the opportunity to volunteer and see first hand the conservation work that they are doing. This not only adds to the efficacy of their conservation efforts on the ground but as well provides volunteers insight and education which can spread out into the world creating awareness of these very important issues. After all, life isn’t just about having comfortable, great looking boxer shorts!

We at Sebastian Boxer Shorts love to hear positive stories that exhibit the type of values which reflect our vision.  Sebastian Boxer Shorts believes positive words lead to positive actions which ultimately manifest in positive outcomes. If you have an inspirational, up-lifting story about someone (individual or organisation) that is doing something good for the natural world we encourage you to write us the details (min submission 200 words) so that we can share it and spread the power of that positive message. In exchange we’ll happily offer you an extra pair of boxer shorts on your next purchase of regularly priced merchandise free of charge.

Thank you for taking the time to view the above and please don’t hesitate to contact us for details on how our CSR policy is administered.

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