As lifelong wearers of boxer shorts we at Sebastian boxer shorts wondered why the classic boxer short was so difficult to find. One can peruse the shopping aisles of our globalised world and be hard pressed to find a classic boxer short of quality. Boxer shorts and their variants are indeed available but rarely in premium cotton and even more rarely in a clean classic presentation so began our quest to produce the quintessential classic boxer short par excellence.

Boxer Short
Ms. Tuenjai Pinkaew


As fortune would have it we were lucky enough to meet the acquaintance of Ms. Tuenjai Pinkaew our master tailor who kindly agreed to come on board with us in presenting to you what we believe is the finest, most comfortable boxer short ever made. To date, every pair of your Sebastian boxer shorts is made by hand with care by Ms. Pinkaew in her workshop. The personal touch of Ms. Pinkaew will remain an integral part of our production and Q&A process well into the future.

Ms. Tuenjai Pinkaew


We at Sebastian boxer shorts have made a commitment to sustainability and community in all aspects of product sourcing and production. It is a guiding principal of our production process that we will continue to use only small scale cottage industry tailors forgoing any cost advantage of large scale factory outsourcing. Quite simply, our classic boxer shorts are more about art and cooperative production than they are about profit. We think you will feel the sprit of that ethos when you wear our finally crafted classically designed boxer shorts.


Our classic boxer shorts are crafted from super fine, high thread count shirting cotton.The result is a classic boxer short that has unparalleled softness and durability.


In our commitment to quality and environmental sustainability Sebastian boxer shorts use only the finest mother of pearl and coconut shell buttons. These naturally sourced, pleasant to the touch and incredibly durable laser etched buttons perfectly compliment your boxer shorts in richness and detail.

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Design square fabrics


Sebastian boxer shorts are classically tailored by Ms.Pinkaew a fabric artist with nearly 25 years of fine tailoring experience who brings an unyielding attention to detail to each and every pair of boxer shorts.

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Instead of a single seam running down the center line of the boxer short there are 2 seams (1 to either side of the seat) to avoid bunching in the bodies contours. This feature allows for a fluid garment that has a natural drape and fits to form.

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The 2 button design feature allows the wearer to adjust the fit of the waist to the desired level of tension for instance after a large meal or to open completely for maximum comfort while sleeping etc.

The only reminder that your wearing anything at all with these boxer shorts is the softness of the fabric. Give them a try, we promise that you’ll be remiss to wear any other boxer short or undergarment thereafter.

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